Asanha Bucha – In Remembrance of the First Sermon of Lord Buddha

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for tourists visiting the Golden Triangle in Thailand, the tourism industry of the state has intelligently woven an idea of cultural heritage and natural beauty within the triangle. Nestled comfortably towards the northern most part of Thailand lies the city of Chiang Rai, a beloved destination of tourists with a vociferous appetite for the mystical cultures of the East, a mere fifty or so kilometres from the tripoint of the Golden Triangle which connects Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Chiang Rai celebrates a multitude of cultural and religious festivals, and is ideal for the culture vulture in you. For those visiting at the beginning of the year, the King Meng Rai Festival gives travellers an insight into the national pride of the locals while the Flower Festival creates splashes of colour and natural splendour across the city. For those visiting towards the middle of the year, the Asanha Bucha event is one that allows for a tremendously valuable experience in terms of witnessing how the locals venerate their faith. The Asanha Bucha is celebrated with vigour in remembrance of the First Sermon of Lord Buddha.

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